Quality Assurance for Audits and Fluid Analysis

Juha’s professional expertise and experience include:

  • ISO Lead Auditor
  • IATA DAQCP Quality Auditing
  • IATA ISAGO Quality Assurance for Ground Handlers
  • Fluid Manufacturer and SAE based standard Fluid Analysis

JBA can help you with Quality Assurance for auditing and fluid analysis. He can assist in performing internal and external reviews to find solutions to existing problems or future issues.

Contact JBA if you are in need of a qualified IATA DAQCP auditor.

JBA can perform fluid analysis for your deicing operations or for your Fluid Quality Control. JBA laboratory is set up with required instruments, such as a Brookfield Viscometer with required spindles and adapters for different fluid analysis, pH instruments, electronic refractive index instruments, temperature bath, centrifuge and other calibrated instruments as required to perform a thorough analysis for your fluids.

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