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Juha has been involved in several organisations developing winter operations and standards for deicing, such as SAE G-12, IATA DAQCP and A4E DIG. Working in and together with airlines, airports, ground service providers and fluid manufacturers to develop better practices and more efficient/effective procedures has helped to improve the quality and set standards for the deicing industry.

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Juha, founder and owner of JBA Aviation, has 30 years of experience in aviation. Since 1989, Juha has acted as a

  • Flight Instructor
  • Aircraft Mechanic
  • Director of Deicing and Quality in Ground Handling Operations

Juha holds an MSc in Air Transport Management and is a recognized aviation expert with wide-ranging experience in

  • training
  • quality assurance
  • winter operations

Juha continues to be a passionate, ”outside-the-box” thinking person, who is committed to uncovering solutions to any problem.

Since 1996

Juha has been developing de/anti icing training, performing audits, assuring quality and delivering accurate fluid analyses for over 20 years.

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Quality Work with Juha to assure quality, perform fluid analysis and conduct audits.
Training Juha provides a wide range of certified training to better meet your needs.
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