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JBA Aviation Oy - Celebrating 20 Years - 1996-2016


JBA Aviation can provide Training for all SAe AS6286 listed De-/Anti-icing Training Qualifications.

As an experienced Instructor and De-/Anti-icing expert, Juha Fieandt will introduce you with the latest information from the industry and cover much needed lessons learned from winter operations. Juha qualified as a Flight Instructor in 1991 and knows much about Teaching techniques for aviation related elements. De-/Anti-icing involvement and training started in 1995 and the development of the De-/Anti-icing procedures and Training elements has never stopped since then. As the founder of the AEA De-/Anti-icing Training Manual and a member of the SAE G-12 sub-committee, Juha knows in depth what is required for the new and the experienced students alike.


Training can be tailored to suit the specific needs and requirements your company may have. The training target audience is focused for Ground Handling Companies, Airlines, Airports and Technical staff as well as for management.

Ever since Juha became an Instructor and started training for different areas in the aviation industry, there has always been a high focus on introducing an important learning process for the students, i.e. "What, Why and How". Once these questions have been answered in the training, the student should be able to performed the assigned tasks with adequate knowledge of the reasons and solutions.

Training and auditing services are also performed in co-operation with SureConsult. Please see SureConsult for more info http://www.sureconsult.eu/


De-/Anti-icing Training can be provided for the following Qualifications*:

DI-L10            Deicing vehicle driver

DI-L20            Deicing operator

DI-L30            Supervision of deicing/anti-icing

DI-L30B         Pre-/Post deicing/anti-icing inspector

DI-L40            Deicing instructor 

DI-L50            Deicing coordinator

DI-L60            Fluid Quality Inspector (Laboratory staff)

DI-L70            Head of Deicing Training

DI-L80            Flight Crew - winter operations (basics of deicing/anti-icing)

DI-L80B          Cabin Crew (icing awareness)

*) Practical Training must be separately arranged and agreed


Quality Assurance Training:

Training for Auditors in Ground Handling and De-/Anti-icing operations for the purpose of performing de-/anti-icing audits.


Remember that all operation starts with training. Training with the aim to understand, not only qualify, will benefit you in the operational efficiency and quality of performance.

Train your staff to be able to develop your operation and understand the critical factors of safety and success.Train your staff to be able to develop your operation and understand the critical factors of safety and success.