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JBA Aviation Oy - Celebrating 20 Years - 1996-2016

Quality Assurance

JBA Aviation can provide you with Quality Control programs for your specific area, e.g. Ground Handling processes and auditing, De-/Anti-icing processes and auditing and general quality monitoring of your operation. 

A procedure review, material and training updates and manual review can be initiated as a project work.

Quality Control services are also performed in co-operation with SureConsult. See SureConsult for more info http://www.sureconsult.eu/


JBA Aviation has its own De-/Anti-icing fluid laboratory for fluid testing and research.

All SAE AMS1424 and AMS1428 fluids can be inspected and analysed.

If your Company is in the process of choosing a new fluid for the operation, JBA Aviation can assist you as an independent consultant and provide you with expert advice and perform fluid analysis for the fluid selection that could best work in your operational environment.


Independent auditing work can be performed for Ground Handling Companies, Airports and Airlines.

The specific quality program and requirement for your Company can be discussed and agreed separately.


Quality in your operation is always going to benefit you and your Company. Let JBA Aviation help you to build a proper quality program so you can ensure future successfull operation and efficiency.

Quality implemented, not only documented.Quality implemented, not only documented.