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JBA Aviation Oy - Celebrating 20 Years - 1996-2016

About us

JBA Aviation Oy was founded in 1996 (at that time named as F&P Aviation Traders Oy). Ever since then has the Company been involved in several sectors of the aviation industry. In the beginning, the focus was on Flight Instruction, product marketing and sales. Later on, De-/Anti-icing Training was introduced, as well as Quality Assurance and Auditing. Now the product and service is tailored based on customer needs with a focus on management procedures, winter operations and quality programs.


The founder and owner of JBA Aviation, Juha Fieandt, has over 25 years of experience in the aviation industry. Over the years, involvement in several organisations in different positions, has  triggered many developments in the aviation and de-icing sector. Active involvement in organisations such as SAE G-12 (Society of Automotive Engineering) and IATA DAQCP (International Air Transport Association, De-icing Anti-icing Quality Control Pool) has been a factor for the last 15 years.

Juha is also the founder of the AEA De-/Anti-icing Training Recommendations, which is no longer published as of winter season 2017-18, as the content is transfered to the Global Standard (SAE AS6286). The aviation background and experience includes tasks in Flight Operations as a Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor, working as a Licensed Aircraft Mechanic, having performed Quality Training from IATA ISAGO and qualifying as a ISO Lead Auditor and IATA DAQCP Auditor as well as working in several Management and Management Board positions in different companies within the Aviation Ground Handling sector.


JBA Aviation is committed to research and development together with its partners and stakeholders in the aviation industry. Always thinking "out of the box" and introducing innovative solution as the drive to go forward.

JBA Aviation services can be delivered in three languages, English, Finnish and Swedish.

JBA Aviation motto is "If there is a will, there is a solution".

Juha Fieandt
CEO, JBA Aviation OyJuha Fieandt CEO, JBA Aviation Oy